Under the Surveillance System

The benefits of adopting a security camera system can far outweigh the drawbacks. While the initial installation of the system requires an investment, that money is made back simply by having the system in place. Reducing theft means taking a small hit to your inventory expenses. Improving productivity means more work gets done. Making the customer experience better means customers are more willing to spend money on your products or services. All in all, surveillance systems simply make sense.

Meeting modern video surveillance cybersecurity challenges incorporates enhanced secure data access, data transmission, and recording.

  • Interactive Monitoring
  • Instant Alerts
  • Crime Deterrent
  • Automatically Alert and Evidence for Authorities

Main Components:

  • Camera installation planning
  • Video Surveillance Software
  • Security System Reliability
  • Configuration of Frame Rate and Image Resolution
  • Video Surveillance Storage
  • Video Evidence Search

Advanced Video Surveilliance Camera Analytics Can Assist Your Business: 

  • Live Alarms and Faster Investigation

Today, video analytics provide alarm information given a defined set of behaviors that warrant detection and alert from simple motion detection and implementing smart video analytics.Relevant alarms are consistently delivered and Investigations are streamlined by using the same behavior detection for post-incident review.

  • Worker Safety

While security cameras were traditionally deployed for theft and property damage, video analytics can be used to improve worker safety. For example, line crossing detection built into the security camera system can cause a visible or audible alert when a worker approaches a hazardous area.

  • Improve Process and Operations

Operational teams can use security cameras that double as process observation systems. Specific activity inside a warehouse or on a production line can be seen using high resolution cameras.

AI Technology is here 
The technology that is driving dramatic change in all areas of society: AI.
Also known as deep learning or machine learning, Artificial Intelligence has been around already for a while, but it remains a young technology.

“AI is making it possible for businesses and law enforcement to make proactive, data-driven decisions to increase operational efficiencies.” Trevor Matz, CEO, BriefCam

AI-driven video content analytics software will be applied:

  • Retail businesses leveraging it for proactive, strategic planning to enhance the shopping experience, yielding higher sales and greater customer loyalty
  • Healthcare organisations addressing operational challenges like finding unauthorised people in restricted facility areas
  • Transportation hubs improving passenger flow and municipalities proactively keeping city streets safer
  • Made possible by deep learning and AI technology, facial recognition can log you into your smartphone and identify your friends in your social media photos.

Professional Security Partner

The Acanthus team can survey your facility, coordinate a design, and professionally install and integrate hardware and software to leverage modern video analytics. We can also create a custom Managed and Hosted Services plan, freeing up your team to perform their core responsibilities.

Acanthus Technology is a Full Technology Partner with MSP services to manage, monitor and maintain all things related to the needs of your modern business. - - - Make your workplace work for you!

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