Top Ten Computer Habits to Have

While you are good to others and yourself, include what you’re looking at more than you would like to admit, your computer, phone, tablet…..

And this is not just for the millions who rely on computers to perform jobs, everyone, cause if you don’t work from a computer now, there’s a good chance you could be in the future.

Developing good habits will keep your technology connected and charged, as well staying physically and mentally healthy yourself.

And if you think you can’t, then consider how many times you check your phone without thinking, it’s because you have developed the muscle memory, so you’re ready.


Security and Maintenance:

  1. Minimize storage of sensitive information.
  2. Beware of scams.
  3. Don’t install or download unknown or unsolicited programs/apps.
  4. Secure laptop computers and mobile devices at all times: Lock them up or carry them with you.
  5. Never reveal your password or click on unknown links or attachments.
  6. Use passwords that can’t be easily guessed, and protect your passwords.
  7. Regularly check your privacy settings on social networks.
  8. Check to make sure your computer is protected with anti-virus and all necessary security “patches” and updates.
  9. Make backup copies of files or data you are not willing to lose.
  10. Be especially careful about what you do over wireless. Information and passwords sent via standard, unencrypted wireless are especially easy for hackers to intercept (most public access wireless is unencrypted)
  11. Don’t forget to empty the trash for your files and email.

For Your Mental and Physical Health:

  1. Make time to move
  2. Sit up straight.
  3. Find ways to avoid eyestrain
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