Password Power

We have covered, Why you should never save your passwords in your browser and the top five free password managers. But what is the importance?  What is the power of your password.

Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, plus logins to  shopping sites, your router,  online banking, you now have more online accounts than you can remember passwords.

Passwords are standing between your private information and the eyes of others.  You’re at risk if you use the same password for more than one account and just one of them is compromised.

Important guidelines to follow:

  • Use at least 8 characters in every password (ideally more). The longer your password is, the harder it is to break or guess. Even adding one or two extra characters can help to keep it secure.
  • Don’t just make your password long, but make it complex.  Not  “111111111111” — which may be long, but isn’t very secure — try  an unusual catchphrase or memorable (but little-known) quote.
  • Check your passwords against lists of known bad password options, and avoid those at all costs. Examples are in the image above.
  • Make your password for each account different. Reusing passwords, while convenient, is a huge security risk.
  • Change your passwords once a year.

Test out how long your passwords would currently take to be hacked here:

Generating your password:

Make it “strong” and be creative as you want.
[Example: pet name + birth date + $]

  • Change your passwords to motivating mantras.

Get a regular dose of healthy inspiration, using numbers and symbols for stronger security.

Eat>Greens (eat more greens)
DrinkT@PM (drink tea in the afternoon)

  • Turn a sentence into a password.

My first home was on 368 Hillcrest Drive” to Mfhwo368HD&. Take the first letter of every word, and end with a special character.

  • Use PAO (person-action-object).

Ellen – ate peppermint ice cream – at the Grand Canyon = EapicatGC.

  • Use Formulas
  • Use Passphrases
  • Use words not found in a dictionary.
  • Use padding.

Padding helps you remember multiple passwords by using a base word. An example is the base word Axis235. You can add symbols to both ends to use it for different passwords. One can be ///Axis235!$M while another could be AXIS235krnd9866 but it will be easier to remember because you used the same base

Why not use a word or phrase that builds your self-esteem and something positive that it might affect your life and thoughts.  Change your password into a phrase that motivates you to focus on something that you need to get done.

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