How To Set Up Your Desk

Ergonomics requires the least force, the least strength, the least effort, and that means putting the least amount of strain on your body.

So choose furniture that can be adjusted to your body size and shape.

  1. The chair is especially important. Ideally, you want one with adjustable height and lumbar support, that easily reclines and that also supports the upper and middle back.
  2. An ideal keyboard height is about two inches above your knees, with a “negative slope,” because that slope keeps your wrists in a vertically neutral position.
  3. Take frequent breaks and change your position regularly.

Stand vs Sitting Desks
The number and volume of the muscles that you use for standing are higher than sitting, so standing definitely burns more calories than sitting. This could lead to less risk of obesity, because you’re burning more calories standing than sitting.  However, sitting encourages more changes in position and standing for long hours could cause foot or back issues.  The best solution is what is best for you and remember to take breaks.

  • Ergonomic Workstations Help Reduce the Risk of Injury.
  • Employees Who Use Ergonomic Equipment Make Fewer Errors.
  • Comfortable Workers Have More Energy, Therefore Work Better.
  • An Ergonomically Designed Workplace Shows You Care about Employees’ Welfare.


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