Top 5 Free Password Managers: Give Your Memory a Rest

Using strong and unique passwords for different websites is the key to online security and privacy. This is because simple passwords that use a single word or even a combination of words, common patterns like “123456”, “1245” etc. can be easily cracked by the hackers. Even passwords that substitute obvious characters for letters are easy to crack or guess. Things like “p@ssw0rd” or “pa$$w@rd” are not going to fool anyone for long.

Why You Should Never Save Passwords in the Browser

Yes, it is convenient to have your browser store your passwords, after all, who wants to type a password every single time it’s requested? When you make use of a large number of online services, typing a password each time you use said service can disrupt your productivity. When those passwords are incredibly complex, such that you must use a password manager, efficiency goes out the window.